Cheese Za’tar Cookies. كعك بالجبنه والزعتر

Hello everybody.

An idea just crossed my mind and I did it at once,salty cheesy cookies to serve at Eid cause lots of people will come fed up from eating too much sweets and they turned out really yummy.

# 2 eggs.
# 3/4 cup butter.
# 1/4 cup olive oil.
# 3/4 cup chopped green thyme زعتر اخضر طازج
# 1 cup mixed cheeses any kind you prefer.
# 1 tsp salt.
#1 tsp baking powder.
# 2 1/2 -3 cups flour.

# beat eggs then add all other ingredients.
# add flour last thing 2 1/2 cups first then keep adding till you get a stiff dough ( not soft nor hard) .
# with the help of two spoons make smalls portions of the dough and on an oven pan directly, no greasing or flour needed.
# bake in a medium heated oven for 15 minutes or till bottom is golden.
# roast surface then store in a well closed container when cooled.

As usual I also did rock cookies, a must of course.



wpid-wp-1437062218843.jpeg cute little things aren’t they :)

wpid-wp-1437062239926.jpeg wpid-wp-1437062250093.jpeg rock cookies.




Chicken Escalope and Poutine.

Hello everybody.

Second day of Eid preparations but not cooking this time,a more tiring boring thing to do ,cleaning the house :(

Though we clean our houses everyday but don’t know why we make a complete clean up at the end of Ramadan, Eid rituals I guess !

As for dinner I  did a new soup “Menstrone vegetable soup”,really tasty,I’ll post the recipe later for sure. Plus chicken escalopes and poutine  upon my son’s request,but he ended up going out to dinner,well bad luck cause not a bit left !

I’m drinking coffee now then up to do some cookies,will post photos tomorrow.






Eid Preparations.

Hello everybody.

Getting ready for Eid for sure, as I can see from banancooking group many of the members started baking goodies !! كل عام وانتم جميعا بالف خير.

I started today,made Date Rolls,planning to do Rock cookies and something with walnuts if I have time Insh’Allah.

As for dinner today I made green beans and rice,though everybody didn’t like my choice but I had no other option, anyway they all ate it at the end,guess from hunger :)



20140725_194120  20140725_194139

20140725_194157   fried some Kibbeh as well.


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