Sunny Sides in a Log!

Hello everybody.

Forgot to tell you that O made spinach with minced meat and kofta yesterday,had some left for today but won’t be enough so I decided to make this appetizer or mostly breakfast kind of dish but nevertheless my boys love to eat eggs anytime no problem.

I would like to thank my cousin Rania for posting this idea to me,really easy and very  presentable way to serve eggs ,love it.

You simply make holes in a French loaf ,drizzle it with olive oil,crack your eggs add salt,pepper and some parsley, I added oregano and cheese also then bake it till eggs are done, amazingly easy.



wpid-wp-1425397312773.jpeg wpid-wp-1425397322004.jpeg

wpid-wp-1425397348348.jpeg yummy gooey from inside.