Stuffed Vine Leaves and Nutella Cinnamon Rolls.

Hello everybody.

Well all locked up waiting foe the storm, though it was sunny this morning but as expected snow started this afternoon, I’m sure many will turn to the kitchen to make sweets and hot drinks to warm up.

Lunch today was stuffed vine leaves and courgettes,a favorite to most people here in Jordan specially when leaves are fresh green, though not the season but I did find some really good silky ones that’s why I was encouraged.Thank you dear cousin for coming by to help me,this dish needs a helping hand cause it’s a bit tiring and boring to make it on your own.

20150219_162402 a royal dish don’t you think?

Dessert was Nutella cinnamon rolls,recipe from the blogger posted this recipe on my page last week, they’re really soft and taste is divine. I made half with Nutella and the other with pecan cinnamon mixture, all yummy. Thank you dear Diana for the awesome recipe.



20150219_142200 20150219_142736

20150219_143123 20150219_152842

20150219_153831  all done and glazed.

20150219_160627 20150219_160655

pecan cinnamon filling.

20150219_153953  DSC_0849