Stir Fry Steaks and Broccoli and Caprese .


Hello everybody.

Only two for lunch today and must be quick cause my son had to leave so thought this small easy dish will do.

A stir fry steak broccoli with rice and corn on the side plus two tomatoes with basil and cheese salad known as Caprese.

wpid-wp-1445605368756.jpg caprese is always an elegant dish.

Healthy quick and light.


  • Ingredients and method :
    # 4 pieces of veal steaks cut to squares.
    #1 tablespoon flour.
    # 1 green onion.
    # broccoli florettes.
    # sweet and sour sauce:
    * 2 tablespoons soy sauce.
    * 1 tablespoon honey.
    * 1 tablespoon vinegar
    * 1 tablespoon corn starch.
    * 1 tsp chili powder.
    * 1 tsp fresh ginger.
    * 3/4 cup water.

#some sesame seeds.

# coat veal with flour very well then stir fry in some hot sesame or vegetable oil.
# when golden and crisp  add chopped onion and broccoli and stir well till all crispy.
# add the sauce which is a mix of all ingredients.
#leave to simmer for 5 min then sprinkle sesame seeds on top.