Smores Dip and Falafel Rolls.

Hello everybody.
Had a gathering last night that’s why I didn’t post anything,too busy.

One of the things I did was smores dip, a famous recipe these days that you can find on all timelines.

Super easy thing to do, simply pour some chocolate chips or any chocolate ( my version was Flakes and Nutella)  in a deep oven pan,line up marshmallows on top then into the oven for 5 minutes till chocolate melts then roast top of marshmallows till golden. Serve hot with plain biscuits.

Other new recipe was falafel rolls, you mash fried falafels with some hummus and yogurt till you get a paste then roll in samboosek dough with some lemons, tomatoes and mints. Drizzle with olive oil then bake for 10-20 minutes or till golden, serve with tahini sauce.

wpid-wp-1435842041263.jpeg smores dip.


wpid-wp-1435842063252.jpeg wpid-wp-1435842071856.jpeg

French pizza,Om Ali, falafel rolls..

wpid-wp-1435842102553.jpeg before rolling.


wpid-wp-1435842053503.jpeg yummy yummy.