Sheep Pluck (معلاق خاروف)

Hello everybody.

I know many didn’t understand my title,both English and Arabic.

Well sheep pluck means liver,kidneys,heart and lungs of sheep, personally I never tasted or cooked it ,it’s my hubby”s specialty ,many people consider it a fancy meal,mostly done in Eid Al-Adha where sheep parts are abundant and fresh or you can ask your butcher to keep them for you,we usually bring them cut and ready to cook.

Today I invited my sister in law and her husband,who usually dig in with my husband,it’s a favorite of both. Of course I made extra things to go along with it and for me to eat :)

I made french fries,aubergines and fatoush and my mother in -law made mloukhieh with minced meat. It was a lovely Saturday lunch,followed by the sweetest most delicious melon ever.


Ingredients and method:

* cut,cleaned pluck.

*2-3 big coarsely chopped onions.

* 1 hot pepper.

* salt,pepper and bay leaves.

* olive oil.

*saute onions and pepper in olive oil till tender then add meat parts.

* keep stirring till color is changes to brown,then lower heat and leave to simmer for 1 hour,keep stirring it every 10-15 min,


I know it might be a strange dish but everybody who eat it say it’s very good,a delicacy even :)




wpid-20140524_143856.jpg  wpid-20140524_144009.jpg

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