Roast Beef.

Hello everybody.

Bought this extremely tender roast beef last week and hadn’t got the chance to do it till today,you can cook it in many ways either baked or boiled with vegetables.


This time kids wanted it roasted and crispy,they didn’t even wait to make a gravy or any sauce, just sliced as a cold cut and they made different sandwiches, it was really good and well done.

Ingredients and method:

* piece of tender lean beef.

* some garlic cloves.

* salt and various mixed spices ( pepper ,mixed spices,roast spices,chili…etc)

* olive oil.


* cut garlic to slices and then made a deep cut into meat and insert it all over the piece.

* rub salt and spices all over the roast and leave for some time to be well absorbed.

* heat oil very well then place meat to be browned from all sides very well.

* put the meat on a rack and in the oven for 30-40 minutes till done,you can tell when no juices are out when you pinch it with a sharp knife.

* leave to stand and cool before cutting to slices or pieces according to how you want it.

* serve with sauteed potatoes or vegetables or salad.



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