Rice with Vegetables (Banan’s Rice)

Hello everybody.

Today I had the honor to cook for my big brother’s office colleagues. Each one of them hosts lunch each Sunday so I volunteered to cook in his turn. They’re a group of 20-24 plus the boss is coming today from abroad. Feedback was great thank God ♡
Though I ran a bit out of time and I think rice needed a bit more  cooking
Well my bro sent me this photo in less than an hour after I delivered food.


Wiped out he wrote !!!!!

I got this rice recipe from our dear neighbor when I was a newlywed. Been doing it a lot specially when I have guests..that’s why it became my specialty Banan’s Rice my cousins always say.
I also made caramelized kebab sandwiches with tahini sauce and spiced potatoes. Dessert was basic orange cake and jam biscuits (مبروشه ).
I will post ingredients without specifying amounts cause today I cooked for a big crowd, you can measure according to number of people you’re cooking for. I’m ready for any question of course if anyone needs help.

Ingredients and method:
* large boned chicken pieces.
* basmati rice.
* vegetables include: peas, carrots, mushrooms, peppers and onions.
* raisins.
* almonds and pine  nuts.
* ghee or margarine.
* curry powder, salt, pepper, paprika.
* bay leaves, cinnamon sticks and cardamom for chicken broth.

* first you clean and wash chicken pieces very well.
* make broth from wings backs and necks of chicken by boiling them with salt, pepper, all spice, cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaf plus 1 big spoon curry powder. When done sieve and use broth for cooking rice.
* add same seasoning to breasts and drumsticks with some olive oil and chopped onions and put in a medium heated oven for 2 hours or till tender and golden..also sprinkle them with curry and paprika.

* now prepare veggies,  saute them alternatively ( except onions) with ghee starting with carrots then adding others always sprinkle with curry then add raisins last thing. You can add maggi cube with them, gives a really good flavor but for those who don’t like it add salt and spices. Leave to simmer on low heat.
* in another pan saute sliced onions in ghee then add a bit of broth and leave to simmer till tender.
* wash rice and season it with salt, pepper, all spice and curry powder.
* add to onions, mix all together then add broth till covering rice by 1 inch.
* cook rice and when almost all broth absorbed pour it over vegetables then leave all to cook together on very low heat till rice is done.
* you may need to add a bit more broth or water.
* roast almonds and pine nuts for decoration.
* upon serving turn vegetables and rice pan upside down in a big wide serving tray.
* arrange chicken pieces on top.
* decorate with almonds and pine nuts.

I know this might be a difficult dish with many steps but it’s always worth the hardship. ♡♥

wpid-20140323_135032  always a success.

wpid-20140323_094353 wpid-20140323_095249

wpid-20140323_102056 wpid-20140323_104437

wpid-20140323_103911 all veggies are sprinkled curry.

wpid-20140323_105356 wpid-20140323_105956

wpid-20140323_122908 wpid-20140323_122723 steps to cook the rice.

wpid-20140323_135053 enjoy.