Kibbeh Fiesta.

Hello everybody.

When there’s a will there’s a way, never ever did I make kibbeh at home, always said I don’t know how and never tried,but upon my husband’s frequent request for kibbeh in a pan  specifically which is the easiest kind I thought  why not try .So he ordered the shell which is burgul and meat mixed together in specific proportions from the butcher and today was my first trial.

First of all I cooked the minced meat to make the filling then added to it chopped onions,salt, pepper, all spice, some walnuts, pine nuts and pomegranate to give it a sour taste.

Then I made three kinds of the kibbeh ,one spread in a pan, regular round ones for frying and tried these cute mini ones in the cupcake tray.

All was super yummy thank God, good job for a first timer I guess.

wpid-wp-1440259605267.jpg elegant kibbeh display right?

wpid-wp-1440259615273.jpg wpid-wp-1440259658271.jpg

wpid-wp-1440259633442.jpg wpid-wp-1440259644617.jpg


Did some tzasiki with it also.