Garlic Oregano Chicken with Veggies and Iranian Rice.

Hello everybody.

All requested a light lunch, we had a big mansaf the other day and boys made burgers yesterday so we’ll try to make it light for a few days.

I have some chicken breasts and various vegetables, so all was grilled in my thick grilling pan with garlic, ginger, oregano and a sprinkle of lemon. Veggies were carrots, peppers and broccoli.

Made some rice the Iranian way, recipe was posted by a friend in my page, very light and easy to do but I should’ve waited for potatoes to be toasted more but kids were hungry and couldn’t wait.

You simply soak rice in hot water for and hour then boil it till almost done in salted water. Then sieve it and place some oil and potato slices in the bottom of the same pan, add the rice and make holes in it,add some water diluted saffron and mix then cover with a clean cloth or foil and leave to simmer over very low heat till done.

Ahhh a hummus dish is our daily table friend nowadays, yummy yummy.




wpid-wp-1422024875892.jpeg wpid-wp-1422024881345.jpeg

wpid-wp-1422024886453.jpeg cover with cloth or foil.


wpid-wp-1422024930666.jpeg  veggies and chicken breasts,

wpid-wp-1422024845622.jpeg  awesome light rice,loved it.