Fried Chicken Again.

  1. Hello everybody.

Nice sunny day,but still with a crisp breeze in the air seems Spring is shy to arrive :mrgreen:

Was planning to get a big fish and stuff it but kids objected so alternative was homemade fried chicken,mashed potatoes and a big salad with mushrooms and freshly picked asparagus from our friends farm,I sauted them with some garlic and olive oil then added the oil to the dressing ,it was really refreshing .

Just came back from Mom’s where we all gathered with my lovely uncles for Knafeh celebrating the new baby ,such a lovely cheerful event.


wpid-wp-1425057152255.jpeg  Delicious Knafeh.

wpid-wp-1425057173493.jpeg fried chicken.


wpid-wp-1425057219852.jpeg  mashed potatoes and salad