Fava Beans In Cooked Yogurt.-(فول باللبن)

Hello everybody.

Seems winter is coming back!!!

Woke up this morning to thunder and rain,though weather is very hot, typical Amman Spring .

Today’s dish is Syrian,we used to order it from the famous Syrian restaurant Jabri when having guests for dinner or or lunch,a  specialty of his  then I saw a Syrian chef doing it on T.V turned out to be an easy thing to do after all, and started doing it at home ever since.

Ingredients and method:

* 5-6 pieces of beef or lamp steaks .

* 1 big thinly sliced onion.

* 1 kg green fava beans.

* 1 kg Ewe yogurt (لبن نعاج).

* 3 big spoons cornflower.

* salt ,pepper,all spice.

* some cream or milk (optional).


* boil beans in salted water till tender.

* mix yogurt with cornstarch and 4 cups water with hand mixer very well,add salt and pepper then leave to boil and thicken,stir constantly.

* season beef then saute till brownish on both sides.

* add onions, cover and leave to simmer on low heat.

* remove water from beans and add them over meat .

* when yogurt is thick pour over meat and beans,add more spices if you like then leave to simmer all together on very low heat or in the oven for 1 hour.

* you can add cream or milk at the end.

* serve with white rice or alone.

Though kids don’t like it too much but I do think this is a very tasty dish, one of my favorites 😉










  1. joyfill says:

    Thanks for the interesting recipe, looks tasty! I love checking your blog everyday to see what you are making. Even though I am thousands of kilometers in away Canada but still enjoy your posts, love of food is the international language.

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