Eid Bread ( اقراص عيد)


Hello everybody.

So many people ask me about the recipe of this special bread usually done in Irbid during Eid or special occasions.

Matter of fact there’s no specific one with exact ingredients, each lady makes it her own way. But basically it constitutes of
# whole wheat flour.
# white flour.
# anise seeds ( both seeds and powder)
# fennel
# mihleb
# sesame seeds and black seeds.
# salt.
#olive oil.
# yeast dissolved in warm water and sugar.
# you may add yogurt or powdered milk.

# combine all ingredients and knead very well for 10 minutes.
# leave to rise then make into small balls.
# spread over special wooden moulds to make the design. Don’t make them too thin though.
# lots of olive oil is used during this process.
# leave to rest then bake in a well heated oven.

وصفه اقراص العيد , المكونات

 طحين اسمر وابيض , ملح,يانسون, شومر, محلب سمسم وقزحه وملح في ناس بيضيفوا لبن او حليب بودره،
تذوب الخميره في ماء فاتر وملعقه سكر ثم تضاف الى المقادير وتعجن جيدا.
المهم يخمر ويرتاح العجين وما ترقي كتير رقيق وبده زيت زيتون كتير
wpid-wp-1447942440273.jpg great with cheese or labaneh.