Eggplant Lasagna.

Hello everybody.

As I mentioned yesterday I did grocery shopping for many dishes this Saturday, one of the things I got stuff for is this recipe that I read in Al-Rai newspaper Friday morning,by the way they do publish very nice and applicable recipes each Friday,try to look through them they’re very useful.

Recipe is lasagna with eggplants,all veggies no meat or chicken.I made regular traditional one and a small one in my pottery pan with eggplants as trial,turned out very good and rich in taste,a success I might say,will be great in Ramadan or lunch parties.

Ingredients and method:

* 1 large eggplant cubed and fried.

* 1 small onion.

* 2 cloves garlic.

* 2 tablespoons tomato paste.

* 2 large tomatoes peeled and chopped.

* 1 small red sweet pepper chopped.

* 1 cube chicken stock (optional).

* 2 cups water.

* 1 pack feta cheese.

* 200 g, ricotta cheese (  I used some brie cheese and kiri instead)

* 2 tablespoons pitted black olives.

* bunch of parsley.


* 1 pack spinach lasagna.

* Parmesan or kashcaval cheese for topping.

* some olive oil and butter.

* salt and pepper.


* heat oil and butter then add onions,garlic and saute till golden.

* add peppers,tomato paste stir well.

* add tomatoes,maggi cube and water then leave to simmer till sauce is thick.

* mix feta cheese with olives and parsley.

* in a deep oven pan,add some of tomato sauce in the bottom then add layered lasagna sheets.

* add some sauce,then half eggplants.

* add cheese mixture then continue with another layer of lasagna,eggplants then sauce on top.

* bake on low heat for 45 minutes then add cheese on top and roast.

* wait for it to cool a bit and settle before serving, I also made some spinach labaneh salad on the side,yummy yummy :)




20140608_124029    20140608_124937

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20140608_144605 love my new IKEA suff <3




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