Cream Chicken Corn Soup.


Hello everybody.

Had two orders  today, citrus almonds syrup cake and crinkles both ginger and chocolate.
As for lunch I have some green beans from yesterday and I made some chicken corn cream soup, great in this cold weather.


ِAlready  have some cooked chicken nobody touched from the one cooked in milk so I used them in the soup.

Ingredients and method :
# one spring onion.
# 1 cup sweet corn.
# 1 big cooked chicken breast.
# 2 tablespoons butter.
# 2 tablespoons flour.
#3 cups chicken stock.
# 1 cup cream or full fat milk.
# salt, pepper, all spice and a pinch of nutmeg.


# saute chopped spring onions in heated butter.
# add half of the corn.
# chop chicken breast to small cubes and add half of them as well.
# add flour and chicken stock,stir well and leave to simmer till corn is done and tender.
# whisk all with hand mixer till creamy.
# add cream or milk and rest of corn and chicken.
# leave all to simmer till thick and done.