Courgettes in Yogurt ( Ablama).

Hello everybody.

Very very busy morning,my husband brought a big bag of turnip from the farm (لفت ) so I bought extra beets,cauliflower and eggplants and made two large pots of pickles for Ramadan.

I also made a batch of date rolls for my lovely cousin to take with her to Dubai,these rolls are becoming my traditional gift for people I love ,better than anything you buy <3.

After all this work I cleaned all my kitchen in and out then started to cook,I posted this recipe in the early days of my blog,today is a repeat to remind you of it,I know many people cook it first day of Ramadan cause they say you must cook something white !!

Ingredients and method:

* hulled courgettes.

* cooked minced meat spiced and mixed with roasted pine nuts.

* ewe yogurt or jameed and butter milk.

* starch.


* cook the yogurt after mixing it with equal amount of water and 2 big spoons starch,add salt,pepper and margarine.

* stuff meat after cooling into the courgettes.

* fry courgettes  or as I prefer roast in the oven with a bit of oil and keep turning them till golden from all sides.

* dip courgettes in boiling yogurt on low heat for 40-50 minutes.

* serve with rice.

I had some courgettes left so I cut them to rings,added salt,garlic,summaq and a bit of oil then roasted them in the oven and made tahini sauce on the side,really good side dish :)

Enjoy .



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