Chicken in Milk ( Jamie Oliver recipe)


Hello everybody.

This recipe always pops in front of me either on TV or online and I’ve been eager to make it cause of many reasons, first of all is that Jamie Oliver is one of my favorite chefs, love his way of cooking,you can feel how much he loves his work,very energetic and creative, second reason is I always felt this recipe is different and must be delicious cause of rich aromatic ingredients.

Ingredients and method :

* one whole chicken.
* 1 stick cinnamon.
* handful of fresh sage ( I used rosemary and oregano instead)
* zest of two lemons.
* 10 cloves garlic, skin on.
* sea salt, fresh ground pepper.
* one liter milk.


* Preheat oven to medium.
* in a deep pan that’ll fit the whole chicken heat some olive oil then season it well and fry it from all sides till golden.
* remove chicken and throw away oil left in pan.

wpid-wp-1451146229925.jpg wpid-wp-1451146235882.jpg
* put it back and add all ingredients.
* cover and cook in the oven for 1 1/2 hours, uncover in last half hour.


Lemon zest will split the milk making a delicious sauce with curd.


Serve with potatoes or rice,today I made Iranian rice.