Freezing Vegetables.

Hello everybody.
No cooking today, each one has plans either for lunch or dinner so no cooking is necessary, did a bowl of Russian Salad it will do just fine in guess.

Spent this morning cleaning and preparing some fresh peas and fava beans for freezing, my husband bought some from side road sellers on his way back from Irbid yesterday, very fresh and green, I usually only cut wash and freeze directly.

Peas were really sweet and tender, boiled some and added them with carrots, corn and potatoes to the salad.

wpid-wp-1426764993873.jpeg  ready for storage.

wpid-wp-1426765010427.jpeg Russian Salad.
Another Irbid product is garden cress(  رشاد)  sent to me from my cousin, very tasty with labaneh and green olives or onions, all yummy.






Lunch at Mom’s.

Hello everybody.

Lunch today was at Mom’s honored by the presence of our newly born grandson who was polite enough to let his mom eat peacefully, good boy.

Lunch was cauliflower with meat,chicken fatteh, rice with veggies,tabouleh and a big salad.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.


wpid-wp-1426268921638.jpeg tabouleh

wpid-wp-1426268936414.jpeg rice with veggies and nuts.


wpid-wp-1426268947693.jpeg  delicious chicken fatteh.




Cauliflower Stew.

Hello everybody.

Had to go many errands with my hubby this morning so a quick somewhat half cooked dish is required.

Thought to do okra but then cooking the meat will take some time since it’s still in the freezer,so thought was dismissed and shifted to cauliflower with minced meat stew since I already have cooked meat and boiled cauliflower just tossed them all with sautéed onions and garlic added a Maggi cube and some water. Served with tahini sauce and summaq.

I also made some lentil soup cause my youngest doesn’t eat cauliflower at all.


wpid-wp-1423580856861.jpeg lentils before cooking.










Strawberry Jam.

Hello everybody.

The minute I started writing today’s  I saw a sad post on Facebook,my cousin and friend’s mom just passed away now, feel so sad it’s a big loss for sure, she was such a lovely old lady whom I saw only last Summer with a sweet smile and kind heart . R.I.P Om Azmi and my deep condolences to all her family.

Today’s lunch was mallow with onions and oil and I emptied strawberry jam in jars for giveaways and usage.

I also made some fresh cream cheese to go with jam and toasted bread :)

20150128_112159 fresh strawberry jam.

DSC_0354 mallow (خبيزه)


Nachos in an Eastern Look (فته مكسيكيه).

Hello everybody.

We all ate too much during this week ,lunches and dinners, so today we’re eating light to at least lessen the guilty feelings.

I made potato salad with dill and spring onions,grilled veggies tossed with pomegranate syrup and olive oil and this Mexican dish in an Arabic twist.

Learned this dish from my cousin, you simply cook some onions,tomatoes and black beans to form a sauce then spread it over the Nachos then add tahini sauce,chopped tomatoes,beans and some parsley on top. Really easy and light cause you don’t add cheese or butter,you can use light nachos for a healthier version.

Hope you all enjoying Friday so far.








Potato Cups (بطاطا كاسات).

Hello everybody.

Still have some cabbages from yesterday but a small side dish is needed for sure cause it won’t be enough for all and because I’m going out for coffee with my friends to the Cake Shop I did this simple dish.

My mom used to make these cups too much when we were kids specially end of the week,really yummy, today they tasted exactly the same as old days, a pinch of nutmeg is the secret I guess.

Ingredients and method:

* 3-4 boiled till done potatoes.

* 2 eggs.

* small bunch chopped parsley.

* grated cheese ( white and cheddar usually)

* salt,pepper and pinch of nutmeg.

* mash potatoes with some salt,pepper then form it into cups and put them in fridge a while.

* mix eggs,cheese,parsley,salt,pepper and nutmeg.

* grease an oven pan then place potato cups and fill with mixture.

* bake in a well heated oven for 25-30 minutes.

Easy quick delicious yummy what else to say??


DSC_0102  DSC_0109

DSC_0093 beautiful big coffee cup at the Cake Shop .


took some of these freshly baked spinach pastries from my aunti’s house when I passed by ,couldn’t resist !!





Mini Banoffee Tarts.

Hello everybody.

Told you yesterday this week is crazy,nonstop events. Hope I can have a calm weekend after all , till now no plans hope it’ll stay like this !

Today my beloved childhood cousins came to visit me,that’s why I’m late writing my daily post, we had such great time as always. I did these mini banoffee tarts,same recipe but I used a small mold for the crust and added caramel and bananas on top and chocolate syrup to decorate.I also made spinach tabouleh and za’tar buns filled with cheese and one big topped with labaneh,plus some Maltesers coconut balls from yesterday.

Lunch today was rice with veggies and meat,really yummy!!


DSC_0766  DSC_0760

DSC_0747  banoffee tarts.

DSC_0733  DSC_0754 today’s lunch.






Hash Browns Eggs Brunch.

Hello everybody hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

Different Friday routine today, went to Ikea as a change to usual coffee at Rula’s , lovely  shopping time ended with delicious aromatic coffee .

Got back home not knowing what to cook,boys wanted something quick not lunch or breakfast type,then I remembered this recipe I saw the other day on Fatafeat done by the famous chef Gordon Ramsay , turned out a perfect brunch , kids loved it.

Ingredients and method:

* 3-4 large potatoes peeled and finely grated.

* 1 small grated onion mixed with potatoes.

* 3-4 large eggs.

* some salami or beef bacon (optional)

* salt and pepper.

* vegetable oil and some butter.

* mix grated potatoes,onion,salt and pepper very well then squeeze to remove all water.

* heat some oil in a skillet (one you can use in the oven later)

* add potato mix and press evenly.

* add some butter cubes on edges.

* cook till bottom is crispy and golden then flip all on the other side using another plate or pan.

* cook till golden then add eggs,salami,salt and pepper on top.

* put in the oven to roast or eggs are well done.(upper flame on )

* serve with salad, today I made lettuce,corn,sun dried tomatoes and dressing on top.

Really easy quick fulfilling meal,great as brunch,lunch or even dinner.




DSC_0072  DSC_0075



Kushari and Baked Pumpkin.

Hello everybody.

Didn’t know what to cook today till late noon,as usual nobody gave an answer,as you wish they all said, I already wanted a no meat or chicken dish so choice was mujadara then I thought why not try to do kushari.

Kushari is a traditional  Egyptian dish that you can find in special restaurants or even carts in the road all over Egypt, it’s  healthy full of protein,very fulfilling yet light at the same time. It’s made of lentils,rice,chickpeas ( though I forgot them today) ,small pasta with hot tomato sauce and fried onions on top. In some recipes small pasta (شعيريه)is cooked with the rice and lentils or you can do without. This is the first time I cook it,turned out a success,everybody loved it.

I also roasted a pumpkin I have since last week with some garlic,lemon juice,rosemary,salt,pepper,herbs and olive oil.

Ingredients and method:

* 1 cup cooked brown lentils ( a new tip from my sister’s husband to soak it in green tea and cumin before cooking it so as not to reduce stomach bloating) .

* 1 cup rice.

* cooked chickpeas.

* cooked small size pasta, seasoned with salt and pepper.

* hot tomato sauce ( sauteed garlic,onions,1 can chopped tomato,cumin,salt,pepper,dried chili powder) all cooked together till thick.

* fried onions.

* cook rice with lentils as you make mjadara.

* before serving assemble all ingredients together as layers, rice and lentils,chickpeas,pasta,sauce then the onions.

Really yummy.


20140813_151446  20140813_114130

20140813_112614  20140813_154837




Shepherd Pie.

Hello everybody.

Feels like Autumn today,cold and cloudy,never had a Summer this strange,very cold at night and only few hot days.

Lunch today is a bit wintry but it suits the clouds!! it’s usually done cause it’s fulfilling and hot in cold days. I also made some mushroom soup with it .

Ingredients and method:

* cooked ground beef.

* chopped onions and garlic.

* some veggies,peas,carrots,corn and mushrooms.

* 3-4 boiled potatoes.

* soy sauce,ketchup and Worcestershire sauce ( i didn’t have it today so I used HP)

* bread crumbs.

* salt and pepper.


* Saute onions,garlic and meat in some oil or butter.

* add the veggies and sauces and simmer till done.

* mash the potatoes with some butter and milk,salt and pepper.

* pour the potatoes over the veggie meat mix.

* bake in a medium heated oven for 30-40 minutes.

* sprinkle some bread crumbs on top and toast.

* Serve hot with ketchup and salad.




20140805_124009  20140805_143848







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