Beetroot Hummus.


Hello everybody.

Boiled some beetroots yesterday , it’s the season you know, so today I searched for something new to make with them other than salads .Since I have a box of ready made hummus this mix seemed a good option.


Mix is so easy ,all together in the food processor :

*boiled beetroots.( I used 2 large ones)

* half cup of hummus or 1 cup boiled chickpeas.

*1 tablespoon tahini sauce.

*1 tablespoon lemon juice.

*1 tsp of each, salt, cumin and chili powder.

*1 clove garlic.

15193575_10154557187015907_404327296130639555_n 15178157_10154557187475907_2460789222531627188_n


That’s it! see super easy especially if you have ready hummus. By the way one can find many kinds and flavors of them these days, all  good .

15220132_10154557186690907_432126117574757298_n you can decorate dish with anything you like, today a added spring onions, sesame and black seeds.



A really healthy cheerful dish that works great as dip with chips or veggies and of course a great option for kids as a trick to eat healthy stuff.


Colored Cauliflower.


Hello everybody.

Got these two lovely colored cauliflowers yesterday from our friend.When I asked my Facebook group what to do with them I got many suggestions, main one was to pickle them and another was roasting with garlic, olive oil and Parmesan or as gratin with potatoes.

wp-1455789729801.jpg wp-1455789736840.jpg

So now I pickled half and prepared a pan with potatoes and cream for baking. All looks appealing and colorful.






Stuffed Cabbages.


Hello everybody.
It’s cold and rainy today, cooking plan is just perfect for this weather which is stuffed cabbages.
Just remembered that I made a video last winter of how to stuff and cook them,will repost it below.

how to stuff cabbages

how to cook cabbages

You should do it this week since it’ll be raining for few more days.

* minced meat.
* rice.
* ghee and vegetable oil.
* salt, pepper, all spices, dried mint.
* cabbage,  boiled and stems removed.
* garlic as much as you like.
* lemon juice.
*  Wash the rice then add the meat. I usually cook it before a bit.
* add spices, salt, mint.
* stuff the cabbages and line them with garlic in between.
* add lemon juice, a bit of oil and enough water to cover all cabbage.  I have this heavy pottery lid I use as weight or you can put a heavy plate.
* cook for 10 minutes over high heat then lower it and cook it for another hour or till rice inside is done.












Pickled Stuffed Peppers.

Hello everybody.

Though I felt like I’m an old lady doing these cause they’re related to my late grandmas in some kind of way, these pickles were a must in every household long time ago, done usually this time of year when tomatoes and peppers are abundant to be preserved for winter time.

It’s a very easy procedure specially if you’re not making massive amounts like old times, I clearly remember large glass preserving pots all set up to be kept inside cupboards along with makdous and olives.

You simply cut pepper stems and remove seeds as much as you can then stuff them with hard chopped tomatoes, minced garlic and dry mint. Close and arrange in a pot then add brine which is a big tablespoon of salt to each cup of water. Then add one tablespoon of vinegar and one chili pepper if you like.

I added some olive oil on top to prevent fermentation .

Close and leave for 3-4  weeks till it’s done,you can serve it with labaneh or cheese as you wish.



wpid-wp-1441286864055.jpg wpid-wp-1441286868977.jpg

wpid-wp-1441286873538.jpg wpid-wp-1441286878662.jpg






Chicken and Potatoes.

Hello everybody.

Lunch today is a typical old fashioned chicken and potato  casserole,well roasted and fried.


I did the old way, grilled chicken till golden then added the onions and some garlic. fried potato cubes then stewed everything all together till done.

Made white rice and avocado salad on the side.


11800558_10153424189600907_4172874635286784939_n rich yummy meal.

11826031_10153424189770907_8052899945823138990_n 11800469_10153424189970907_515284704635655399_n

Fresh Stuffed Courgettes.

Hello everybody.

My hubby started planting some veggies in the farm in a small scale for household use.

First crop started yesterday, a big box of fresh courgettes, separated big ones for sautéed use, mediums stuffed today and cooked in tomato sauce and small ones to stuff with meat for ablama, I’ll prepare  and freeze them for Ramadan, a rescue in a busy or tiresome day.

Cooked pulp for Zaid as usual!





Grilled Chicken with Broccoli Mushrooms and Pesto Pasta.

Hello everybody.

Had to cook something quick today cause I had to meet my friends to go watch Mammia Musical and it was really worth every minute and penny, absolutely amazing,music still in my ears till now.

Saturday lunch is always fresh cause it’s grocery day, marinated chicken breasts in this yummy rich dressing marinate sauce my husband bought yesterday, then grilled them with garlic, sage and rosemary, added fresh broccoli and mushrooms then left them to simmer a while. Made some pesto pasta on the side and that’s it, quick and easy.


wpid-20150516_123549.jpg wpid-20150516_123608.jpg very tasty marinade.

wpid-20150516_123819.jpg wpid-20150516_125443.jpg

wpid-20150516_141536.jpg best dish ever !






Fruit Garden -Dabouq.

Hello everybody.

Been wanting to go to this place for a while now specially after they posted last week that they have an offer on berries ( buy 5 get 2 for free).

Well today since I had some spare time before picking my son from his exam and to stop worrying about it I passed by the Fruit Garden shop located in Dabouq and how happy I was that I went.

Neat,clean, cheerful place with helpful staff and very good prices, they even told you should come take pictures on Friday cause all Asian fruits arrive Thursdays,will definitely go back.

They have many services like preparing and cutting your veggies, sanitized herbs and vegetables, juices and fruit baskets, my dream shop.

Can’t wait to do yummy things with those fresh berries, started by a detox water mix with some mints.

Lunch today is pizza,again comfort food cause of the exams.

wpid-dsc_0194.jpg Fruit Garden / Dabouq.

wpid-20150506_135249.jpg wpid-20150506_135131.jpg

wpid-dsc_0190.jpg wpid-dsc_0189.jpg

wpid-20150506_141430.jpg wpid-20150506_141502.jpg detox water.

wpid-20150506_135249.jpg yummy healthy fruits.










Simple One-Pot Pasta.

Hello again.

Lunch was a first trial, just saw this recipe on Pinterest last night and couldn’t wait till morning comes out to make it, looked so interesting and exactly that’s what it turned out.

You can find lots of versions of this dish but all have the same principle, you simply add whatever you want of veggies,meat,chicken or sausages to raw pasta ,add herbs,salt pepper,oil and water then leave to cook till done !! that’s it.


Ingredients and method:

* chopped courgettes,mushrooms,onions,garlic, cherry tomatoes,chives,basil and black olives.

* 1 pack pasta.

* salt, pepper, oregano and some olive oil.

* 4 1/2 cups water.

* Note: I added a cube of chicken stock also.

* some cream or milk if you like added when pasta is done.

* Parmesan cheese upon serving.

* Put all ingredients together in one pan then add water.

* boil then leave to simmer on low heat for 45-60 minutes or till all done.

* add cream and cheese then serve.

20150411_153614 all ingredients.

20150411_154327 20150411_160348

20150411_170520 20150411_171022

Absolutely amazing,everyone should try it.

20150411_175703 yummy result.

Chicken in Salt Crust.

Hello everybody.
After a discussion the other day between members of my group about fish in salt crust, I did a quick research and found out that it can be done with chicken as well, so today was my first trial.

I also did a layered veggie pot containing pumpkin, eggplants and potatoes with sweet peppers and tomatoes on top and full of herbs. Only cooked on low heat then drizzled with olive oil and roasted.

Ingredients and method of chicken :
* 1 whole chicken.
* onion,garlic, oregano, cinnamon sticks, cardamom and rosemary for stuffing the chicken.
* butter.
* for the dough you’ll need :
* 1 3/4 cups salt.
* 4  1/2 cups flour.
* tsp of oregano and mixed herbs.
* 1 cup water.
* mix all dough ingredients till easy to handle and stiff, you may need a bit more water.
* clean and dry chicken well then stuff inside with all stuffing mentioned ( you can change or add anything you like)
* rub butter, pepper and all spice all over chicken,or you can put butter in between flesh and skin.

* cover chicken with dough and seal completely very good.
* bake in a medium heated oven for 2 hours.
* crack open the crust and serve.
Note: crust must be discarded not eaten cause it’s too salty.


wpid-wp-1427649487898.jpeg peeled crust.



wpid-wp-1427649444938.jpeg wpid-wp-1427649433991.jpeg chicken all wrapped.

wpid-wp-1427649401565.jpeg final look after baking.

wpid-wp-1427649423439.jpeg layered veggies.

wpid-wp-1427649408601.jpeg wpid-wp-1427649487898.jpeg










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