Chicken Escalope and Poutine.

Hello everybody.

Second day of Eid preparations but not cooking this time,a more tiring boring thing to do ,cleaning the house :(

Though we clean our houses everyday but don’t know why we make a complete clean up at the end of Ramadan, Eid rituals I guess !

As for dinner I  did a new soup “Menstrone vegetable soup”,really tasty,I’ll post the recipe later for sure. Plus chicken escalopes and poutine  upon my son’s request,but he ended up going out to dinner,well bad luck cause not a bit left !

I’m drinking coffee now then up to do some cookies,will post photos tomorrow.






Eid Preparations.

Hello everybody.

Getting ready for Eid for sure, as I can see from banancooking group many of the members started baking goodies !! كل عام وانتم جميعا بالف خير.

I started today,made Date Rolls,planning to do Rock cookies and something with walnuts if I have time Insh’Allah.

As for dinner today I made green beans and rice,though everybody didn’t like my choice but I had no other option, anyway they all ate it at the end,guess from hunger :)



20140725_194120  20140725_194139

20140725_194157   fried some Kibbeh as well.


Eggs Day!

Hello everybody.

Today everybody agreed they didn’t want something cooked,eggs and frittata was the option,though when I was done just before Maghreb prayers I regretted the decision. Too much mess and frying plus that I’m known to be not a big fan of eggs,for me cooking a decent meal is much more easier.

I made courgettes frittatas,fried mushrooms and courgettes flowers dipped in special dough ( Rita’s recipe) ,boiled eggs,omelette with hot-dogs,tuna salad and magdoos salad which is normal one with chopped magdoos in it.

all was good and tasty,don’t think I’ll do the same mess all together again though !




20140722_194133   20140722_194145



Family Dinner <3

Hello everybody. Today I invited my lovely family,I waited till now wishing that my sis and husband may come to spend last days of Ramadan and Eid here,but unfortunately they couldn’t :(

As for ftoor I made  curry rice with  vegetables and chicken,meat loaf and roasted potatoes,shushbarak with tomatoes, fava beans fatteh,fatoush,broad beans salad (Rita’s salad) and of course lentil and mushroom soup.

For dessert I made crunchy fried samboosek sheets with caramel sauce ( will post recipe later also) plus desserts from last night’s gathering,3eish el saraya and cake.

love you my beautiful loving family <3





20140720_193020  20140720_193002



Kofta with vegetables and Chicken Wings.

Hello everybody.

Long working day also,bright side is we finished early so had an hour nap before entering the kitchen!

Today’s ftoor was kofta with vegetables,only potatoes,peppers and tomatoes,no eggplants or courgettes and a some hot spicy chicken wings.

I also made mashed fava beans and a bowl of salad.



20140717_192144  20140717_192215


Chicken Pie and Broad Beans.

Hello everybody.

Had no idea what to cook today,nobody gave me an answer,so I decided by myself!

Chicken pie,hummos and I have some dried broad beans so I soaked them last night and made them with onions,garlic and tomatoes.

I also made a halloumi,tomatoes, pesto sauce and olives plate and fried some spring rolls I found in the freezer.



20140715_194112   20140715_193454

20140715_193833  20140715_194229



Kabseh :)

Hello everybody.

Wanted to cook kabseh from last week,but always got objection from my youngest cause he doesn’t like it,so since I have a hamburger left from yesterday Kabseh it is then.

I also made aubergine dip ( matabal) and a salad plus the hot tomato coriander sauce that I usually make alongside the rice.

No dessert today,a piece of chocolate did the job :)


20140714_192905   20140714_192825


Burgers in a Bun and Nachos.

Hello everybody.

Middle of Ramadan now,hope you’re all doing well so far!

I went through my blog recipes last night,it’s been almost 6 months,209 posts, wow!

Anyway I remembered this recipe,burger in a bun and decided to make it today,plus a big plate of nachos, yummy yummy.

With the extra dough i made a big sesame loaf like the ones you buy from bakeries,wasn’t puffed like them,but tasted really fresh.

Enjoy the game tonight,Go Germany <3



20140713_192759  20140713_193112



Chicken with Cream and Mushrooms.

Hello everybody.

Exhausting hot day!

Grocery shopping,hot weather and fasting are a lot in one day don’t you think?

Today I made chicken with mushroom and cream ( Sa’ed’s recipe as it’s known by now) with mashed potatoes,lemon risotto and Armenian tabouleh or lentils tabouleh.

I also made some sausages with onions,garlic and hot pepper,all yummy yummy :)

Dessert is semolina cake from yesterday.




20140712_194714  20140712_194701

Lamb Chops !!

Hello everybody.

Today I wanted to make something that my youngest son likes cause he’s not eating well since beginning of Ramadan so I went bought some fresh lamb chops,his favorite dish :)

My eldest is going to a sharing dinner with his friends so I made him Caezar salad and brownies.

I also made fava beans fatteh ,samboosek and a simple salad for ftoor.

For dessert I made Greek semolina cake and got these cute mini desserts filled with pistachios,they’re good but a bit hard !!


20140711_194058  20140711_194112





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