Latest Banan Cooking Orders. 


Hello everybody.

Sorry for the delay in posting new stuff, lots of work and events.

I’d like to show you my latest orders, many cakes, trays and cookies.

17990931_10155015212050907_9199040358638793800_n 18056992_10154997077865907_6600181935452759411_n

Made two lovely Lemon Velvet cakes with berries on top, really loved them

17990923_10155015211235907_7395427960769471283_n 18010449_10154997077955907_4579941683388537368_n

and these two all fruits tart and mini  baked cheesecakes.

18056798_10155002636800907_2219728017238339887_n  18157048_10155012242830907_7731928289402061179_n 18118777_10155012242645907_776608654477455554_n

with some with chocolate, recipe same as knafeh cheesecake but different toppings.

Another lemon velvet with shivered almonds and berries

17951904_10154994372540907_3955806964070023426_n 17951874_10154994372670907_6998920077541989300_n

A selection of cookies for a charity bazaar in my hometown including rock cookies,oatmeal and cranberries, ginger raisin, aniseed and brownies.

18033424_10155017732380907_183607605767413171_n 18057750_10155017732860907_8375130685555981276_n

and last thing was a colorful healthy cheese platter and sandwiches for a breakfast.

17991882_10155014105575907_8740396300923359825_n 18119177_10155014104760907_6295441466273459790_n


Happy Valentine’s Day. 


Hello everybody.

Though I believe love should be celebrated daily not on a specific day or time, but it’s becoming a festive day.


We celebrated my way, simple healthy breakfast full of love with little heart-shaped tomatoes and strawberries.




Then I made this lovely berries cake and took it to a family gathering with all my lovely cousins.



Morning Gathering. 


Hello everybody.

A simple elegant cheese platter with dried fruits and strawberries with crackers or breads can be the best thing for a small gathering specially if done with love to loving friends. 

wp-image-1640552431jpg.jpg wp-image-994391250jpg.jpg


I used a selection of cheeses, white, cheddar, Camembert and kashkaval with healthy dried fruits, some olives and a selection of jams (figs,quince, marmalade) 




I also made some sweet light cheese served with mixed berries jam.




Quince Jam.

Hello everybody.

Since it’s quince season, jam is a must I guess.Though many people make it  big chunks in syrup but I prefer this way cause it’s easier to spread.
Ingredients and method :

* 1 kg quince fruit cored then grated.

* 5 cups sugar.

* 2 cups water.

* juice and peel of one lemon.

* 1 stick cinnamon.

* 4 pieces cloves.

* wash core and grate quince.

*add sugar, water and lemon juice and peel.

*mix well then add cinnamon and cloves.

* heat till it boils then lower heat and leave to simmer for an hour and half or till quince turns dark and syrup thickens.

NOTE: a quicker way to do it is to cook it in pressure cooker for 20-30 minutes max.

* remove cinnamon stick and fill jam in clean jars.



Pomegranate Festival In Irbid.


Hello everybody.

Headed up North to my hometown Irbid yesterday with some friends to visit the annual pomegranate festival   usually held this time of the year.

Of course a stop at one of my cousin’s for coffee is a must, which means lots of yummies with it !


Festival was very nice full of various kinds of pomegranates ,sweet and sour . We also bought molasses and vinegar .


On our way back, another ritual again, we stopped for some fresh ewe yogurt, labaneh and bread.


A beautiful day out for sure.

Mini Halaweh Tarts. 


Hello everybody.

Saw this amazing tart photo on Instagram last week, looked really yummy. Though I sent the site asking what’s the filling but didn’t get an answer so I kind of figured out something today that goes along with the taste

Result was so good and light cause I made them as mini tarts or bites and filled them with cream and pistachios.

wp-image-1968218515jpg.jpg aren’t they cute?

Even made some with Nutella and strawberries and others with caramel and figs.


Perfect assorted desserts, problem now is that I’ll either take them to somebody or I should call friends to visit so that I won’t eat them alone.

Ingredients of tart crust :

3/4 cup butter.

1/2 cup sugar.

1 egg

1 tsp vanilla.

1 3/4 cup flour

Pinch of salt.

Optional for this tart: pinch of cinnamon and cardamom.


Beat butter and sugar well till creamy.

Add egg and vanilla.

Add flour and salt then water.

Knead well till you get a smooth dough

Refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Roll and shape as you like then bake in mini cupcake pans for 13-15 minutes in a medium heated oven.

When cooled fill with cream then topped with halaweh and pistachios.

Other option Nutella and strawberries or caramel and figs.

wp-image-1303721924jpg.jpg wp-image-1353235524jpg.jpg wp-image-35672217jpg.jpg






Fig Coffee Hazelnut Cake. 


Hello everybody.

Went out last night to celebrate multi birthdays, as usual my share was to bake the cake,it’s becoming a lovely trend cause I really feel content and happy baking it specifically for my dear lovely friends.

This time I ventured baking a new cake for many reasons first of all cause figs are in season plus I like to try new recipes and my friends would be the perfect critics for its success or failure. Thank God it was a big hit both in taste and look.

You can tell it would be delicious cause of the rich flavored ingredients all combined gave mesmerizing taste.Nobody denies that figs, coffee and hazelnuts aren’t delicious.


Ingredients and method :

* 4 big dried figs.

* 3/4 cup strong coffee (I used Nescafe or you can use espresso)

* 3/4 cup roasted and crushed hazelnuts.

* 1/2 cup butter.

* 1/2 cup vegetable oil.

* 1/2 cup yogurt.

* 1 tsp pumpkin pie spices (cinnamon, nutmeg and a bit of all spice)

* 3/4 cup brown sugar.

*  4 large eggs.

* 1 tsp vanilla.

* 2 tsp baking powder

* pinch of salt.

* 2 cups flour.
For the cream :

* 2 packs cream cheese.

* 2 envelopes Dream whip.

* 1 pack cream.

* 1/2 cup of milk.


For garnish :

* 6-8 fresh figs.

* caramel sauce.

* coarsely chopped roasted hazelnuts.

wp-image-1096263286jpg.jpg  wp-image-857564318jpg.jpg
* cut dried figs to small pieces then soak in hot coffee for 30 minutes.

* add finely chopped hazelnuts and mash all together till you get a paste.

* meanwhile beat sugar, butter and oil well.

* add yogurt then eggs and vanilla.

* add flour, baking powder and.

* fold in fig coffee paste and mix well.

* bake either in a rectangular mold or round as preferred,in a medium heated oven for 25-30 minutes or till cake is dry from inside.

Note: I devided batter to three and baked each portion alone in a rectangular shape.

Meanwhile beat frosting ingredients well and cool in the fridge.

When cakes are done fold each layer in cling film then cool in fridge overnight or for several hours,this will keep cake moist and easy to handle while adding frosting.

Assemble cake layers and cream then decorate with fresh figs, caramel sauce and roasted hazelnuts.

Result is a super elegant delicious cake specially with coffee





Pineapple Pudding Dessert. 


Hello everybody.

A dear friend of mine ordered chicken pie and any kind of dessert that contains pineapples, so after a quick search I came up with this version which is a mix of different recipes with some personal touches.

Ingredients are very similar to the apple pudding eclaires I usually do but with different filling.


Ingredients and method :

* 1 pack of plain biscuits باكيت بسكوت ساده.

* 1 tablespoon butter rubbed with crushed biscuits for the base. ملعقه كبيره زبده بنخلطها مع البسكوت المطحون للقاعدة.

*1 can pinnapple. علبه اناناس.

*filling :

* 1 cup vanilla pudding. كاسه مهلبيه فانيلا دانيت

* 6 kiri pieces. 6 حبات كيري

* one pack cream علبه قشطه

* 2 envelopes dream whip باكيتين كريما

* 4 pieces chopped pineapples اربع قطع اناناس مقطع

* half cup pineapple juice نص كوب صغير عصير اناناس.

* coconut جوز هند

* layer cups with biscuits butter mixture. اول طبقه بسكوت وزبده

* beat all filling ingredients till creamy and well combined. تخلط المقادير السابقه جيدا حتى تكثف وتتجانس

* add some extra pinnapple over biscuits then add cream filling. يضاف بعض قطع الاناناس فوق البسكوت ثم طبقه من الخلطه.

*garnish with roasted coconut and leave to cool in the fridge. تزين بجوز الهند المحمص وتترك بالثلاجة لحتى تبرد.




Another Week in Ramadan.


Hello everybody.
Another week passed with lots of yummy dishes, here are some of them.


wp-1466422272558.jpg Potato salad.


wp-1466422302108.jpg  Hummus falafel and fatteh.


wp-1466422335007.jpg  Ouzi in puff pastry.


wp-1466422358521.jpg Rice with curried veggies and chicken


wp-1466422393836.jpg Fettuccine and salad.


wp-1466422407912.jpg Eggplant dip.


wp-1466422456871.jpg  wp-1466422474610.jpg Knafeh cheesecake.

wp-1466422501360.jpg wp-1466422489440.jpg






Two birthdays this week.

wp-1466422518134.jpg wp-1466422525900.jpg


Ended this week with a lovely iftar with Family Flavors team at the Four Seasons hotel.


Orange Marmalade.


Hello everybody.

It’s citrus fruits season, I always make the old oranges into marmalade. Very delicious with cheese and butter or even over cakes or pudding.
Saw this method on TV long time ago and been using it since then.

* boil oranges and/or mandarins as is, I mean without peeling or cutting for 10 minutes.
* remove water and add another, boil again for 1 hour.
* cool then cut to thin slices or you can use food processor.
* add one cup of sugar to each cup of orange mixture.
* add juice of half or one lemon according to your amount.
* over low heat leave to simmer for another one hour.keep stirring occasionally so that particles won’t stick in the bottom.
* cool then pour into clean sterilized jars.

طريقة مرملاد البرتقال :
# تغلى حبات البرتقال مع مندلينا اذا رغبتوا كما هي بدون تقطيع او تقشير لمده 10 دقائق.
#تصفى الماء ونضع ماء مره اخرى ويغلى البرتقال لمده ساعه تقريبا.
#يقطع البرتقال مع اللب شرائح رفيعة او يهرس بمحضره الطعام.
# يضاف كوب سكر لكل كوب برتقال مع عصير نص ليمونه او ليمونه كامله حسب كميه البرتقال.
#يغلى المزيج على نار هادئة لمده ساعه او حتى يتماسك مع التحريك بين فتره واخرى.
#يبرد ويحفظ في مرطبانات نظيفه ومعقمه.
صحتين وعافيه

wpid-wp-1448818873050.jpg beautiful Christmas gift.



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