Eggs in a Bun.

Hello everybody.

In no mood to cook today,my son suggested to do this eggs in the bun thing he saw once on Instagram so we did, tasted good but more a breakfast than a lunch option but a good choice with the remaining chicken pie from yesterday.You simply remove the inside of the bun,stuff it with cheese,turkey or salami and add the eggs then cover with foil paper and put it in the oven till eggs are done.

I also made some orange marmalade cause I have lots of citrus fruits from Ghor sent to us from our dear aunt, love this kind of jam, my favorite actually.

I also made some jam biscuits,needed the jar to be honest,they’ll be a good treat for tomorrow’s hunting trip.

Well full long day , hoping for a relaxing weekend !!



DSC_0689  DSC_0690

DSC_0693  DSC_0702

DSC_0684  DSC_0695  orange marmalade.

DSC_0708  biscuits and evening coffee :)



Cha3acheel ( brown lentils in yogurt ) شعاشيل.

Hello everybody.

I’m sure many of you are asking what is this you’re talking about? I know it’s a weird name for lots of people, even strange to some living in Jordan cause it’s a traditional very old dish from Irbid region North of Jordan.

My mom never did it  cause she doesn’t like anything that contains lots of eggs in it,personally I started doing it only recently,took the recipe from my dear aunt Eman, it’s a kind of dish you make once or twice a year usually in Winter or when you have leftover Mansaf (cooked jameed)

In fact it’s a very nutritious meal,full of proteins and herbs, though many find it hard to make or fails sometimes,it may become very loose or hard,the trick is to add enough flour to have the correct consistency.

NOTE: these ingredients are for a big amount,you may use half of it according to quantity you want.

Ingredients and method:

* 12 eggs.

* 5 cups flour (half whole wheat and half white)

*1 finely chopped onion.

* 1/2 cup fresh green thyme.

* 1 bunch chopped parsley.

* 1 tsp baking powder.

* 1 cup cooked brown lentils.

* 1 tablespoon dried thyme,salt and pepper.

* cooked yogurt or Jameed .


* Mix 1/2 the lentils,eggs,parsley,fresh and dry thyme,salt and pepper.

* saute onions till soft then add to mix.

* add flour gradually and mix well till you have a sticky dough ( not hard nor soft).

* boil the yogurt with the rest of the lentils.

* boil some salted water then drop a tablespoonful of the dough in it,it’ll directly form a stiff ball, if it crumbled or didn’t hold together this means you need to add more flour.

* remove balls as soon as they float to the top then leave to dry on paper towel.

* drop them in the yogurt while boiling then leave to simmer on low heat for 40-50 minutes.


Hope you try it some day!

مقادير وطريقه عمل الشعاشيل:

(مقادير لكميه كبيره, طبعا يمكن استعمال نصفها حسب العدد)

* 12 بيضه.

* 5 كاسات طحين, نصف اسمر بلدي ونصف ابيض.

* بصله مفرومه ناعم.

*كاسه عدس مسلوق.

* 1ظ2 كاسه زعتر اخضر.

* بقدونس مفروم ناعم.

*1 ملعقه باكينغ باودر.

* ملح وفلفل حسب الرغيه.

*جميد او لبن مطبوخ

* تحمس البصله في شويه زيت حتى تذبل.

* تخلط المقادير مع البصله ثم يضاف الطحين حتى يصبح الخليط كالعجينه الطريه.

*ملاحظه: يضاف نصف كوب العدس الى الخليط والنصف الاخر الى الجميد

* تغلى ماء مع ملح ثم اسقطي بها مقدار ملعقه كبيره من الخليط, اا1ا لم تتماسك راسا وتصبح كره يعني يجب اضافه طحين.

* انشلي الطابات عندما تطفو الى السطح وعندما تنشف اضيفيهم ال الجميد.

* يغلى على نار هادئه لمده 40-50 دقيقهز

صحه وهنا.



DSC_0294  DSC_0297

DSC_0300  DSC_0306

DSC_0308 DSC_0314






Hash Browns Eggs Brunch.

Hello everybody hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

Different Friday routine today, went to Ikea as a change to usual coffee at Rula’s , lovely  shopping time ended with delicious aromatic coffee .

Got back home not knowing what to cook,boys wanted something quick not lunch or breakfast type,then I remembered this recipe I saw the other day on Fatafeat done by the famous chef Gordon Ramsay , turned out a perfect brunch , kids loved it.

Ingredients and method:

* 3-4 large potatoes peeled and finely grated.

* 1 small grated onion mixed with potatoes.

* 3-4 large eggs.

* some salami or beef bacon (optional)

* salt and pepper.

* vegetable oil and some butter.

* mix grated potatoes,onion,salt and pepper very well then squeeze to remove all water.

* heat some oil in a skillet (one you can use in the oven later)

* add potato mix and press evenly.

* add some butter cubes on edges.

* cook till bottom is crispy and golden then flip all on the other side using another plate or pan.

* cook till golden then add eggs,salami,salt and pepper on top.

* put in the oven to roast or eggs are well done.(upper flame on )

* serve with salad, today I made lettuce,corn,sun dried tomatoes and dressing on top.

Really easy quick fulfilling meal,great as brunch,lunch or even dinner.




DSC_0072  DSC_0075



Lovely Cousin’s Visit <3

Hello everybody.

Today I was really thrilled to meet my cousin coming for Summer vacation from Qatar, It’s been a long time since we saw each other and had lots and lots of catching up.

Though I was willing she’d come for lunch but due to her full schedule visit ended up in the morning and we had breakfast together.

I also made her favorite chocolate cake,we used to make it when we were in college every week,such great memories <3

Well truth is nothing beats cousins and good old friends,everlasting memories !


20140817_110837  20140817_095611

20140817_110943  20140817_110901



Usual Friday Breakfast :)

Hello everybody.

Hot Summer day since morning,seems all weekend will be like this.

My sister in-law called to invite us to breakfast ,we actually go to visit each Friday noon for coffee,a ritual I guess by now,but today we went earlier and had a cozy delicious breakfast followed by coffee on the balcony which was cool and breezy.

Had a lovely time <3

20140815_110629  20140815_110637

20140815_110703  20140815_110727





Eggs Day!

Hello everybody.

Today everybody agreed they didn’t want something cooked,eggs and frittata was the option,though when I was done just before Maghreb prayers I regretted the decision. Too much mess and frying plus that I’m known to be not a big fan of eggs,for me cooking a decent meal is much more easier.

I made courgettes frittatas,fried mushrooms and courgettes flowers dipped in special dough ( Rita’s recipe) ,boiled eggs,omelette with hot-dogs,tuna salad and magdoos salad which is normal one with chopped magdoos in it.

all was good and tasty,don’t think I’ll do the same mess all together again though !




20140722_194133   20140722_194145



Lamb Chops !!

Hello everybody.

Today I wanted to make something that my youngest son likes cause he’s not eating well since beginning of Ramadan so I went bought some fresh lamb chops,his favorite dish :)

My eldest is going to a sharing dinner with his friends so I made him Caezar salad and brownies.

I also made fava beans fatteh ,samboosek and a simple salad for ftoor.

For dessert I made Greek semolina cake and got these cute mini desserts filled with pistachios,they’re good but a bit hard !!


20140711_194058  20140711_194112





Eggs and Potatoes.

Hello everybody.

Great party last night,lovely bride and groom and guests,but high heels are torture ,don’t you agree with me ladies???

Too tired to cook today,plus we have a dear guest visiting from Beirut,so I’m kind of busy,but have to make something for lunch anyway. An easy light option is boiled or pouched eggs with boiled potatoes on the side and a big bowl of salad.

You simply boil potatoes till tender,slice them,add salt,pepper and olive oil then boil eggs,slice them beside potatoes, you can add chopped green onions on top if you like.

I do eggs in a special mold I bought long time ago from Cyprus, where you cook them on a water bath,so they’re more pouched than boiled.

I know this seems like a silly dish but it’ll do as long as hubby and kids don’t complain,will make it up to them this weekend :)








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