Mloukhieh Today 😀


Hello everybody.

Free today, no orders or things to prepare so I cooked at ease though babysitting my bundle of joy but he’s such an adorable boy, even ate some freekeh soup and chicken and loved it.


I made mloukhieh, both coarse and fine, grilled chicken and freekeh soup. So yummy with pickles and peppers on the side.

wp-1453131448584.jpg lovely appetizing meal.




Lunch Order For Jeeran Amman Company.


Hello everybody.

Sorry for the delay but it was a long eventful day with an early start cause I had a lunch order for a group of employees at Jeeran company.

They ordered steaks with mushrooms and gravy, mashed potatoes, chicken with broccoli and cream along with pesto pasta, quesadillas and French Pizza.

Dessert was a treat from me,muhalabieh with caramel.

wp-1453061092183.jpg wp-1453061100233.jpg

wp-1453061126212.jpg wp-1453061107893.jpg

wp-1453061119605.jpg wp-1453061113451.jpg

wp-1453061145819.jpg wp-1453061134504.jpg

So happy that all was wiped out in minutes and reviews were awesome.











Baking Cooking Day.


Hello everybody.

A full busy day, started by the first order for a special young man “ chicken tikka masala ” with Indian rice. This was done and delivered by noon.


Then I baked two lovely Daisies chocolate cakes for a very dear friend, amazing and elegant as always.


When done I made lunch,ready prepared breaded chicken wings and chili potatoes.


Long busy day but all worth it for sure.





Chicken in Milk ( Jamie Oliver recipe)


Hello everybody.

This recipe always pops in front of me either on TV or online and I’ve been eager to make it cause of many reasons, first of all is that Jamie Oliver is one of my favorite chefs, love his way of cooking,you can feel how much he loves his work,very energetic and creative, second reason is I always felt this recipe is different and must be delicious cause of rich aromatic ingredients.

Ingredients and method :

* one whole chicken.
* 1 stick cinnamon.
* handful of fresh sage ( I used rosemary and oregano instead)
* zest of two lemons.
* 10 cloves garlic, skin on.
* sea salt, fresh ground pepper.
* one liter milk.


* Preheat oven to medium.
* in a deep pan that’ll fit the whole chicken heat some olive oil then season it well and fry it from all sides till golden.
* remove chicken and throw away oil left in pan.

wpid-wp-1451146229925.jpg wpid-wp-1451146235882.jpg
* put it back and add all ingredients.
* cover and cook in the oven for 1 1/2 hours, uncover in last half hour.


Lemon zest will split the milk making a delicious sauce with curd.


Serve with potatoes or rice,today I made Iranian rice.







Successful Lunch Gathering.


Hello everybody.

Had a big lunch gathering for my mother in-law’s friends,a group of lovely cheerful ladies.

Menu was as follows, curry veggies rice with chicken, kibbeh both spread and mini, fava beans fatteh, kibbeh with eggplants,Iraqi dolma done by an Iraqi lady, rocca apple cranberry salad and green salad.

wpid-wp-1449678969592.jpg elegant kibbeh display.

wpid-wp-1449678946027.jpg wpid-wp-1449679022818.jpg wpid-wp-1449678978336.jpg

wpid-wp-1449678946027.jpg lovely buffet.

Dessert was the almond citrus cake I did yesterday and Muhalabieh with caramel a highly desired dish for sure.

wpid-wp-1449678996940.jpg wpid-wp-1449679001265.jpg


I’m not bragging or even hate to talk about myself but to be honest food was really delicious, all guests said so!
I’m 100% convinced that any dish cooked with love and willingness will taste great and this depends on your mood and to whom you’re doing it for sure.










Stuffed Turkey.


Hello everybody.

Today we had a big festive lunch, stuffed turkey with all accompanying dishes.

Recipe from my sister which turned out very good, turkey was very moist and well done, I soaked it  yesterday in brine containing salt,pepper corns, cinnamon stick, cardamom, rosemary and vinegar.

This morning I dried it very well then stuffed it with sauteed onions and bread ( whole loaf of toast without crust edges)  then I added lots of butter between skin and flesh with spices and salt.

wpid-wp-1449255721421.jpg spices,butter and bread stuffing.
Wrap the turkey very well with foil paper and bake for 4 hours, begin with very high heat for the first half hour then lower it to medium or a bit less for remaining time. Remove foil last half hour so that it’ll be roasted and golden.

wpid-wp-1449255689811.jpg golden and done.

Along with it, I made potato gratin, rice with spices and meat on top, veggies, corn salad, butter sautéed red cabbage with cloves and rocca apple cranberry salad.

wpid-wp-1449255736122.jpg potato gratin.

wpid-wp-1449255749464.jpg sauteed red cabbage.

wpid-wp-1449255773059.jpg rocca apple cranberry salad.

wpid-wp-1449255704911.jpg wpid-wp-1449255799164.jpg

A big success thank God.









Old Fashioned Chicken and Potatoes.


Hello everybody.

Back to an old dish today, been a while since I made it.

Chicken with potatoes, of course with some onions and a bit of garlic. I even fried the potato cubes like old times.

Made some coarse mloukhieh on the side since I have chicken broth,yummy with fresh lemon juice and hot pepper.



wpid-wp-1448805001017.jpg coarse mloukhieh .



Chicken Pie.


Hello everybody.

Have an order for a lovely friend, she ordered steak roll, chicken pie and a carrot cake.

A chance to make two pies cause kids love it and it’s been a while since I did it. Heart warming dish in this crispy cold weather.

wpid-wp-1448378769075.jpg this one was our lunch.

wpid-wp-1448378782021.jpg before baking.

wpid-wp-1448385778451.jpg wpid-wp-1448385787912.jpg

Chicken Tikka Masala and Chocolate Cake.



Hello everybody.

Today’s order is for a crowd, three portions of chicken tikka masala and rice for a group of employees during lunch break.

wpid-wp-1447327229214.jpg  portion/4 persons.

Dessert was a beautiful freshly baked chocolate cake with syrup on top, green ornament to match the company’s logo shape and color.

wpid-wp-1447327241913.jpg nothing beats a  fresh chocolate cake right?

wpid-wp-1447327250206.jpg   wpid-wp-1447327223796.jpg

Hope they’ll like it.

wpid-wp-1447327217921.jpg all packed to go !








Chicken On Salt!


Hello everybody.

Roasting over a bed of salt experience is still going on,today I tried it with whole small chicken and potatoes plus garlic of course.

Excellent delicious result,crispy from outside juicy from inside وnot dry and very well roasted. Guess next time I’ll do fish or veal.

Ingredients and method :
* 2 cups salt.
* 2 small whole chicken.
* head of garlic.
* potatoes.

* salt, pepper, all spice, chili flakes and lemon slices.

* clean and dry chicken well then season inside out.
*insert lemon slices inside and tuck thighs well with a toothpick or rubber band.
* in a deep oven pan pour salt and spread it evenly.
* put the chicken, potatoes and garlic on top.
* add rosemary or oregano if you like.
* cover well then put in a moderately heated oven for 1 1/2 hours.
* uncover and drizzle a bit of olive oil on chicken,roast till golden.
* press out tender garlic and mix with some butter and yogurt to make a sauce or dip.

wpid-wp-1446303592738.jpg chicken over a bed of salt.

wpid-wp-1446303583139.jpg wpid-wp-1446303568176.jpg

Really yummy,highly recommended






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