Delicious Family Lunch.

Hello everybody.

Hosted my dear cousin for lunch today, as I always say when you cook with love for special people everything will taste amazing.

Made fresh green stuffed vine leaves and courgettes, fava beans fatteh, rocca and cucumber yogurt salads.


wp-1462823197207.jpg fava beans fatteh.

New dish was the squid ink pasta I got as a present from Maysas Pasta yesterday


though it’s usually done with fish or shrimps but unfortunately I didn’t have the time to buy some so I made it with garlic, pesto, sun dried tomatoes and lemon zest.So yummy and fresh.




Lamb Chops !!

Hello everybody.

Today I wanted to make something that my youngest son likes cause he’s not eating well since beginning of Ramadan so I went bought some fresh lamb chops,his favorite dish :)

My eldest is going to a sharing dinner with his friends so I made him Caezar salad and brownies.

I also made fava beans fatteh ,samboosek and a simple salad for ftoor.

For dessert I made Greek semolina cake and got these cute mini desserts filled with pistachios,they’re good but a bit hard !!


20140711_194058  20140711_194112





Mloukhieh <3

Hello everybody.

Today early in the morning I picked my share of fresh mloukhieh that I usually buy from a lovely lady,all cleaned and packed ready to use,both kinds coarse and fine, and to store for all year long.

People differ in liking or not liking this dish,you may find some who simply love it like my uncle,who can eat it anytime or very frequently,and some who can’t eat it at all like my brother ! Well it’s a matter of taste,my opinion it’s a delicious meal specially with lemon juice,pickles and hot peppers,easy to do and a good solution sometimes if you’re in a hurry!

I also made eggplant fatteh,watermelon juice and usual soups.






Shawerma Fatteh.

Hello everybody.

Last night my dear cousin Samar posted this dish she made for dinner,kindly she also posted the recipe which is perfect to do today with the lasagna leftovers, I needed something light and small and this  was just it.

Remember I did meat shawerma before,you can use same spices and marinate for chicken also.


Ingredients and method:

* shredded chicken breasts.

* salt,pepper,all spice,pinch of cinnamon,cardamon,cloves.

* small tsp balsamic or white vinegar.

* sliced onions with summaq.

* chopped tomato.

* tahini sauce ( yogurt,tahini,lemon and salt mixed together)

* chopped parsley to garnish.

* fried or toasted pitta bread.

* saute chicken till almost done.

* add tomatoes and onions,cook all together till most water evaporates.

* line a deep dish with toasted pittas then add chicken mixture just before serving.

* add tahini sauce and parsley.

Thank you dear cousin for this recipe,a new addition to my cookbook “Samar’s Fatteh” great for Ramadan also.









Fava Beans Fatteh ( فته فول).

Hello everybody.

Till late this morning I had absolutely no idea what to cook, I still have some pasta so I needed something with it.

Then,after lots of thinking, decided to do this light fatteh which I learned from my dear friend Reham, people usually make it when they have fava beans with rice leftovers,but you can do it from scratch,very delicious specially if you’re a fava bean fan as I’m.

All Fatteh recipes have basic ingredients,fried or toasted bread, tahini sauce,nuts and minced meat on top. Fillings in the middle are various like hummus,eggplants,fava beans…etc.

* Ingredients and method:

* fava beans boiled till tender then cooked with a little amount of rice ( 1/2 kg needs 1/2 cup of rice), I added maggi cube,pepper,all spice,cinnamon and a bit of cardamon when boiling the beans.

* fried or toasted pitta bread.

* cooked minced meat.

* crushed roasted garlic.

* roasted almonds or pine nuts.

* fresh coriander leaves.

* tahini sauce ( tahini with yogurt and lemon juice) .


* put pitta bread in a bowl or wide serving dish then add a layer of beans and rice.

Note: if you have some chicken stock you can a bit on the pittas to soften but it’s an option.

* add tahini sauce on top then garnish with meat,nuts,garlic and chopped coriander.

I usually make it in one big Pyrex or bowl but today we were only two at lunch time so I made 2 small bowls for each so as bread won’t become soggy for late comers.

Very healthy light option,will be good to do in Ramadan,right?





46   20140514_161139


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