Burger in a Bun and Ka3ek.






Hello everybody.

Made this awesome dough today,recipe was posted last week on my page done on Roya TV during cooking segment.

Most important thing is to use exact ingredients to get the required Ka3ek taste,we usually buy this kind of bread from bakeries specially the one located downtown called Nasser El-Deen,well these today tasted almost the same and I’ll certainly do them again.

I filled half the dough with half cooked burgers,cheese, tomatoes and ketchup. Ready to be eaten right away, kids just love these.

Dough ingredients :
* 6 and extra half cups flour.
* 2 tablespoons oil.
* 1 tablespoon instant yeast.
* 2 tablespoons sugar.
* 2 1/2 cups lukewarm water.
* 2 teaspoons salt.
* 1/2 cup milk.
* some sesame seeds.
* some semolina to sprinkle under the Ka3ek.

* Mix water,yeast and sugar and leave ten minutes till bubbles are formed.
* Mix flour,salt and oil then add yeast and water and knead well.
* leave in a warm place till it rises ( 1-2 hours)
* knead again then form it to loaf shape or place a metal ring inside to make a circle in the middle.
* Brush with milk and sprinkle sesame seeds in top.
* leave to rise again then bake in a well heated oven for 15 minutes.

As for the buns just spread it add burgers, tomatoes, cheese and ketchup then close all and bake.




wpid-wp-1423508034285.jpeg wpid-wp-1423508045045.jpeg

wpid-wp-1423508040546.jpeg  burgers before closure of the bun.


wpid-wp-1423507957628.jpeg  wpid-wp-1423507914343.jpeg