Big Family Gathering.

Hello everybody.

Lovely warm sunny day,perfect for today’s plan which was a big family gathering for most of the ladies in Huwwara-Irbid,my hometown. It was such a lovely event, I met many people whom I know only on Facebook face to face,we have a big various group,with members living all over the world but all share the same last name and origin.

As a contribution from banancooking I made a big strawberry pineapple cake.Thank God it was sufficient and everyone ate.

Before heading to the gathering I went to bring my order of “Irbid loaf ” we call it قراص عيد،a traditional kind of spiced loaf usually done in Irbid, today I bought some from a lady in Huwwara, yummy yummy :)

Oh very best part was a beautiful gift from my dear aunt Amani,a cake cutter or slicer. Thanks a lot my dear, a cake done with it is coming soon for sure.


The big cake


wpid-wp-1421952533210.jpeg  قراص عيد

wpid-wp-1421952577814.jpeg  lovely gift :)

wpid-wp-1421952606348.jpeg Huwwara-Irbid,

wpid-wp-1421952618376.jpeg wpid-wp-1421952632520.jpeg