Amman Gourmet Food Weekend.

Hello everybody.

Sorry again for this long absence,busy days and lots of events.

Latest one was my participation in Amman Gourmet Food Weekend at Zara Centre, a joyful event organized by iJordan. It was such a great successful bazzar full of yummy food and drinks and lots of amusement for all family members.

I shared a booth with my cousins from Irbid , we had lots of traditional food and desserts plus olives, makdous and labaneh.

Without any doubt the two stars were the famous dishes of Irbid Makmoura and Cha3acheel, big hits cause most people tried them for the first time.

Best ending was winning the prize for the competition  sponsor AlKasih Food made the first day, a beautiful box filled with yummy Kasih products.

Looking forward to the next event for sure.